EE104: Introduction to Machine Learning

Stanford University, Spring Quarter 2018

Homework Policies

This year we will be using Gradescope for homework submission. Students registered for the course by midnight on Tuesday, April 3 were automatically added to the class. If you were not added, please use the code 9N8KEW to join the course tthrough the gradescope webpage. Please generate a single pdf document to upload, including all code used to generate figures in your solutions. Note that your code must be in Julia. Keep in mind that large, high resolution images in your pdf may take longer to upload, so plan accordingly when you submit.

You are welcome, even encouraged, to use LaTeX to typeset your homework, but handwritten homework is also OK. You're welcome (but not required) to use the following LaTeX templates.

Access to solutions requires SUNetID (Stanford University Network ID) to log in.


See the Julia page for help on reading the provided JSON files. Be sure to refresh your browser frequently, in case an update is made to the homework files.